Hi! I am Michael Burkhardt. I am not a professional photographer. I‘m not even a very good AMATEUR photographer, but I dabble. I take pictures now and then, and when I trip over something and actually make a decent photo—they're never what I‘d call ”good“—I post them online. My pictures tend to be travel-related, but I also like to throw my X-T4 in the pack when I ride my very old Specialized Hard Rock along the trails. (No offroading for me though.)
I post occasionally to Flickr, 500px, and Instagram, but as an Adobe subscriber I try to leverage Portfolio and Lightroom as much as possible. I posted some recent photos in the gallery, but I’m still playing around with how best to organize this site.
I have hobbies too, including amateur radio, crochet, and demolishing perfectly good suburban houses. I have studied Chinese and Italian, but I’m not fluent in either one. I do have a basic command of English though, so I’m learning to teach English as a foreign language. Maybe I can get good at that.
Photography References
Actual and Nominal Shutter Speeds (A6 PDF, updated 2/5/22)
Actual and Nominal ISO Film Speeds(A6 PDF, updated 2/5/22)
Actual and Nominal F-numbers (A6 PDF, updated 2/5/22)
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